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The Ichiyo School of Ikebana, located in Tokyo, Japan, was founded by Ichiyo Kasuya and her brother Meikof Kasuya in 1937.  The current and 3rd Iemoto (headmaster), Akihiro Kasuya has said "If flower arranging is to be truly fulfilling, it should be a reflection of oneself".

Master teacher, Mary Burnett de Gomez, has been teaching Ichiyo Ikebana for nearly 30 years. Classes, group and individual, are given by appointment.  Students are guided through a series of courses of 20 lessons each, beginning with the "Primary Course" in which the student is introduced to the "four basic forms".  Each subsequent course builds skills and ever increasing knowledge of the principals of design common in the study of art and the traditions of ikebana.  Students gradually progress from basic forms to more expressionistic "free-style" arranging.

Combining the unique world of Japanese aesthetics and traditions with modern western living, Hanayagi provides an ever-changing collection of unique home and garden accents and design elements, handmade crafts, textile creations from new or vintage fabric treasures, superior garden tools and the perfect and unusual gift for someone special. 

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