Summer - "Natsu"

Colors of Nature

Summer - A time for to slow down and enjoy Nature.  The Japanese summer is hot and humid.  Practices such as "Uchimizu" or "Sprinkling Water" in front of one's house or along a garden path, creates the sensation of coolness and is an old tradition in Japan, thought to be very poetic.

Wearable art and home accessories  that bring a sense of coolness are important to synchronize with Nature.  We prepare our homes and lives for the enjoyment of the outdoors. Japanese "noryo", or cooling down from the heat through the five senses is a way of increasing the enjoyment of summer.

Soft wind chimes, the sound of water, uncomplicated décor, cooling drinks and foods are refreshing. Time to move outdoors into our gardens and enjoy the pleasures of each moment of the longer days into the evening.

Enjoy home accessories that heighten our senses with sounds, fragrance and visual beauty and bring calmness into our lives.

Changing accents in our homes to reflect each season is the Japanese way.

Hanayagi- The Japanese Garden Shop, Inc.